Jesus Zeus Salas Radio

Jesus Zeus  Salas and John Agnetti, Sponsorship Chair and Miami Children's Hospital President &; CEO Dr. M. Narendra Kini, Dan LaMorte, Ricky Patel

Jesus Zeus Salas and John Agnetti, Sponsorship Chair and Miami Children’s Hospital President &; CEO Dr. M. Narendra Kini, Dan LaMorte, Ricky Patel

Jesus Zeus Salas Miami has worked in the music industry for 23 years.

Jesus Zeus Salas oversees the PDs at each radio station, ensuring that quality and consistency are parts of everything the radio stations do.  In addition to working with PDs, he also works with MDs and Web Interactive Digital and concert units as Multi-Platform coordinator in order to develop effective promotional strategies.

Jesus Zeus Salas Miami is also responsible for monitoring the rankings of the various radio stations, benchmarking them against one another, and coming up with sales and marketing campaigns to drive rankings. Jesus Salas Miami pushes Hispanic radio to be the very best it can be.

Jesus Zeus Salas Volunteers Children's Youth Life Foundation

Jesus Zeus Salas Volunteers Children’s Youth Life Foundation


Whenever a radio station program director has a question about a practice, it goes to Jesus Salas Miami.  In a way, Jesus Salas in radio is like the coach of a very large team.

Though the work can be stressful at times, Jesus Salas radio finds that it all pays off in the end.  In 2012, his work has been well noticed on many fronts. Jesus Salas is proud to have received Radio Ink’s Medallas de Cortez Programmer of the Year (2012) and the Monitor Latino Recognition Award (2012).

In May 2014 He received the “MOST INVOLVED FATHER AWARD” from the South Florida Father Hood Task force, at UM.

For Jesus Salas Miami, receiving these awards has been a huge honor, and the perfect way to celebrate his 23rd year in the Latin music radio industry.  He hopes to continue furthering his career with Spanish Broadcasting Systems in 2014 and beyond.

Jesus Zeus Salas

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